Friday, April 29, 2011

Wholesale Date Palms - Wholesale Cold Hardy Palm Trees - Wholesale Palm Trees

Our tree farm is a grower and supplier of many varieties of palm trees including but not limited to:

Acoelorrhaphe wrightii - Paurotis Palm, Adonidia merrillii - Christmas Palm, Archontophoenix cunninghamiana - King Palm, Arenga engleri - Dwarf Sugar Palm, Arenga pinnata - Sugar Palm, Bismarckia nobilis - Bismark Palm, Butia capitata - Pindo Palm, Chamaedorea cataractarum - Cat Palm, Chamaedorea erumpens - Bamboo Palm, Chamaerops humilis - European Fan Palm, Caryota mitis - Fishtail Palm, Cocos nucifera - Coconut Palm, Coccothrinax crinita - Old Man Palm, Copernicia alba - Carnuba Wax Palm, Dypsis decaryi - Triangle Palm, Dypsis lastelliana - Teddy Bear Palm, Dypsis lutescens - Areca Palm, Elaeis guineensis - African Oil Palm, Hyophorbe lagenicaulis - Bottle Palm, Hyophorbe verschaffeltii - Spindle Palm, Latania loddigesii - Blue Latan Palm, Latania lontaroides - Red Latan Palm, Latania verschaffeltii - Yellow Latan Palm, Leucothrinax morrisii - Key Thatch Palm, Livistona chinensis - Chinese Fan Palm, Livistona decipiens - Ribbon Palm, Phoenix canariensis - Canary Island Date Palm or Pineapple Palm, Phoenix dactylifera - Medjool Palm, Phoenix dactylifera - Deglet Noor, Phoenix reclinata - Senegal Date Palm, Ptychosperma elegans - Solitaire/Alexander Palm, Phoenix dactylifera x Phoenix sylvestris, Phoenix roebelenii - Pigmy Date Palm, Phoenix rupicola - Cliff Date Palm, Phoenix sylvestris - Sylvester Palm, Pseudophoenix sargentii - Buccaneer Palm, Ravenea rivularis - Majesty Palm, Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palm, Rhapidophyllum hystrix - Needle Palm, Roystonea regia - Royal palm, Sabal palmetto - Sabal Palm - Cabbage Palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana x. Butia capitata - Mule Palm, Syagrus romanzoffiana - Queen Palm, Thrinax radiata - Florida Thatch Palm, Trachycarpus fortunei - Windmill Palm, Veitchia montgomeryana - Montgomery Palm, Washingtonia filifera - California Fan Palm/Desert Fan Palm, Washingtonia robusta - Washingtonia Palm, Wodyetia bifurcata - Foxtail Palm, Zamia furfuracea - Cardboard Palm

For a free quote on your next palm tree or plant material purchase give us a call. Wholesale pricing available to the public when purchasing in quantity and always to landscapers, contractors and builders.

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