Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tampa Lanai Landscaping Ideas - Landscaping your Lanai

Tampa Bay Landscaper can help you  complete your pool and patio project by providing that tropical landscape that goes perfectly with your newly completed Lanai. Tampa Bay Landscaper knows how to provide privacy for each side of the screen enclosure and can make the Jacuzzi an experience you don't share with your neighbors!

How do we do it? With Palms and other tropical plants of course!

Need a little shade for the Lanai? No problem. Double Foxtail Palms, Triple Spindle Palms, Queen Palms, Curved Sylvester Palms or Royal Palms are all great choices.

Florida tropical landscape for pool area
Simple Landscape around Lanai

Triple Spindle Palm

Phoenix sylvestris hyophorbe
Bottle Palm and Sylvester Palms surrounding pool area

tropical landscape
Landscaping interior of pool area / pool planter

If you have planting beds inside your Lanai then watch what we can do with that space! We grow palms specifically for this application.

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