Friday, April 15, 2011

Canary Island Date, Pineapple Palm, Phoenix canariensis, wholesale date palms

The Canary Island Date Palm or Pineapple Palm/Phoenix canariensis is an elegant and fairly cold hardy palm tree that makes a perfect specimen palm or centerpiece palm. Mature specimens can reach a height of 30', develop massive full heads, and do well in USDA Hardiness zones of 8a -11. The Canary Island Date Palm is a drought tolerant palm as well as a moderately salt tolerant. This beauty of a Canary Island Date Palm pictured to the left, is the newest addition to our wholesale palm tree farm, it has about 11' of clear trunk including the pineapple and just got an elegant fresh trim. It won't last long! Give us a call today on a free quote to make it your newest addtion to your landscape! You won't be disappointed.

Discount or wholesale palm tree pricing is always available for landscapers, contractors or anyone purchasing in quantity.

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