Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tampa Bay Landscaper

The best part of landscaping a home is seeing the home transform from
from a dingy and unattractive site into a tropical paradise that the homeowner is 
excited about coming home to.

The two before pictures are typical "Builder Specials" consisting of deciduous trees
and misplaced overgrown shrubs.

Tampa Bay Landscaper removed everything from this yard. We increased the size of the front planting
bed and added side beds and rear beds.

Foxtail Palms European Fan Palm, and Roebelenii Palms Installed

Queen Palms and Roebelenii Palms Installed

Tampa Bay Landscaper installed Foxtail Palms, Roebeblenii Palms, Queen Palms and one 
European Fan Palm at this home in Apollo Beach.

Our customer was thrilled with the end product and we have already landscaped
on his their neighbor's home.

Tampa Bay Landscaper

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