Friday, February 18, 2011

Palm Tree Removal - Wholesale Palm Trees - Wholesale Plants & Tropical Foliage

Did you know from time to time our wholesale palm tree farm buys unique palm trees from homeowners? If you are looking to sell your palm tree and have something unique and rare, we'd love to hear from you. Date Palms are of special interest to us. A few examples would be the Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis, Pineapple Palm) like the gorgeous 13'ct Canary Island Date in the photo to the left , Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix reclinata), Sylvester Date Palm (Phoenix sylvestris). If you have any palm tree you think we might be interested in we encourage you to email a picture with location and contact info. If a palm tree does not meet our criteria as something we would purchase, sometimes free removal or swap is available also. We can also give you an estimate on removing any palm or tree you have. Tree removal estimates are always free. Call for yours today.


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