Monday, December 20, 2010

Landscape Designer - Tampa, Landscape Installer Tampa

This a Pindo Palm (Butia capitata, Jelly Palm) that we installed for one of our landscape customers in the Tampa, fl area. The Pindo Palm (Butia capitata, Jelly Palm) is a drought tolerant palm preferring sandy well drained soil and one of the cold hardy palms which can tolerate the temperatures of USDA Hardiness zones 8-9. The Pindo Palm (Butia capitata, Jelly Palm) is not recommended for subtropical and tropical climates. The Pindo palm produces bright orange fruit (often called pindo dates in the Deep South)that some people make a tasty jelly out of, hence the name "Jelly Palm". We have this and other cold hardy palms as well as more tropical palms and plants. Landscape design, installation and delivery available as well as discount or wholesale pricing on all quantity orders. We supply landscapers of Tampa, landscapers of Sarasota, landscapers of St. Pete, landscapers of Clearwater and many other areas inside and outside of Florida.

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