Friday, November 12, 2010

Landscape Designer - Tampa, Landscape Installer Tampa

We have several upcoming landscaping projects that we will be beginning next week. Our customers are trusting our experience in landscape design and landscape installation here in the Tampa, Fl area to transform their lawns into something beautiful for the upcoming holiday season. Many of our landscape installations are containing cold hardy palms such as: Queen Palms - Syagrus romanzoffiana, Chinese Fan Palms - Livistona chinensis, Pindo Palms - Butia capitata, Windmill Palms - Trachycarpus fortunei, and Date Palms to name a few and some contain more tropical palms such as: Christmas Palms - Adonidia merillii, Coconut Palms - Cocos nucifera, and Areca Palms - Dypsis lutescens. Whether you prefer tropical plants and tropical palms or cold hardy plants and cold hardy palms we encourage you to call us today so our palm specialists can come to you free of charge and give you a competitive landscape quote on a Florida Friendly Landscape you will love! 813-645-4184

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